Our Community Partnership

Lancaster County Joining Forces is a collection of organizations and individuals working together to save lives and create a community that supports recovery for those affected by addition. The Joining Forces partnership uses a strategic approach to strengthen the work we do separately, which allows us to identify gaps in services and treatments so we can save more lives together.

Our Mission

The mission of Lancaster County Joining Forces is to coordinate efforts to reduce deaths from opioids and heroin.

Our Goals


Strengthen Prevention & Interventions

Strengthen evidence-based prevention and interventions


Connect with the Community

Continue to share common messages throughout the community


Create Lasting Changes

Create lasting changes in the medical community that improve patient safety


Increase Access to Treatment

Increase access to treatment services


Promote Recovery

Promote positive messages and anti-stigma education to raise health literacy concerning substance use disorder and recovery

Community Forums & Presentations

Community Forums

Our Steering Committee

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