How to Support a Person in Recovery During the Holidays

The holiday season can be a strong enough stressor just by itself, but with understanding and preparation it is still possible to make the most of this holiday season.

How You Can Help

Everyone’s recovery journey is unique. Here are tips to support someone you care about throughout the holiday season and beyond!

  • Take care of yourself!
  • Tell and show your loved one that you care and support them.
  • Encourage them to share their feelings.
  • Be open to uncomfortable conversations, but don’t force them.
  • Store unused medication in a secure location such as a lockbox.
  • Respect the decision of your loved one even if they choose not to attend.
  • Invite the person in recovery to contribute to event planning.
  • Provide non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Offer healthy snacks and a well-balanced meal.
  • Plan activities, games, puzzles, etc.