Post Overdose Response Team

Certified Recovery Specialists have personal, lived experience with substance use disorder and recovery. They provide education, support, and connections to services for individuals who have overdosed. Certified Family Recovery Specialists help friends and family members find ways to cope, set boundaries, and take care of themselves while living with their loved one’s substance use disorder. They can help with self-care, understanding the nature of substance use, and finding healthy ways to manage the difficulties that come with loving someone struggling with substance use.

For Children Impacted by Substance Use

Joining Forces for Children is specifically designed to support to children impacted by addiction. Knowing that children impacted by addiction are more likely to develop their own substance use disorder at some point in their life, the Family Advocate provides education and builds skills to decrease the likelihood that a young person will develop an addiction disorder. This individualized support also includes other family members to help foster recovery from the family illness of substance use.